Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

I knew it, but...

...its' always tough, when it arrives. The Downswing. Or let's say the first loss.

I just lost over $100 playing NL$100. Actually the session started good, but there were some coinflips, where I had not the best of it.

The main hand was:
I had KK and raised to about $4 from early position and only the Button called.

The flop came Txx (with two clubs). I bet ou the pot and got minraised. This special opponent always did this so far when he was on a draw. The only possible draw out there was club flush draw. And since I had the Kc I decided to put in right there on the flop. So I went All-In and he instacalled with AcQc. The turn was a blank but the river brought another club.

OK this is pretty normal and there is nothing really interesting about this hand. But so far I went so good on AP. I really had a good run of cards. And you always hope that it will last as long as possible. But once you lose 1 Buy-In you get frustrated.

Right now I'm still up about $150 for october and october is still young, but hey, I was up over $250. Damn...

My goal is to end october with a plus of $500 and I think it's still possible.

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2007

Bye bye Everest-Poker

Yes, I quit Everest. And I feel a bit sad for leaving the most fishy side on the internet. But I wanted to help my bankroll a bit, by getting a nice bonus.
So I decided to deposit at Absolute Poker. There you get a 100% first deposit bonus up to $500. That sounded too good. So I signed up there.

Absolute Poker has a great layout. I love their playing cards. They look so real. Not like these crap-looking Everest-cards. And AP has convertable Hand Histories, yeah!!!! The times to convert the Everest hands by myself are over. And AP has a good VIP-programm and a nice shop for stuff like T-Shirts and so on...But the best on AP is, that you can Buy-In for 200BB and the minimum Buy-In is 40BB. That means i.e. playing NL $0.25/$0.50, you must at least buy in for $20 but you can buy in for a total $100. That's cool. I hated those shorties on Everest, where they bought in for $5 (10BB) at NL$50.

All in all I am quite happy with AP, only the SnG-section sucks. They increase the blinds every 10 hands and the structure sucks as well. But I am mainly playing Cash-Games, so I don't care that much about this.

My first to days were pretty tough but I somehow managed to make a plus of almost $50.
(including -$100 playing 4 tables $1/$2 LHE and +$200 playing 2 tables NL$100). So all in all it was a very swingy start.

Summary: AP is tougher than Everest by far, but it's beatable as well.


Sonntag, 30. September 2007

September 2007 Summary

I had a few good more sessions in the last days of september.
Here is the total summary of September 2007:

Win: +309.28

Table hours: 35.3

Real hours: 26.5

BB/hr: 41.0

$/hr: +11.68

Looks nice. Let's see what the october brings...

Dienstag, 25. September 2007

Blog#4; some more NL$50

Instead of SnG's I played Cash Games.
Two short sessions added up to: +$20.85 in 1h 30min.

Nothing interesting happened.
See you...

Sonntag, 23. September 2007

Blog#3, $20+2 SnG

Today I played one $20+2 SnG. And I won it. Yippie!!!
Three important hands occured:
1) I doubled the first time when I hit my flush with 9h8h on the turn. I were up against a flopped straight and my opponent was drawing dead.
2) I doubled on another big stack, with a FH over FH. The Board was: A75 2 A. I had A7 and was up against A2, nice...
From there on I was the CL and I busted the bubble
3) when I flopped a flush and was up against a crazy gone OESD, again my opponent was drawing dead.

Thanks to Everest Poker for having a great structur, there was no need to gamble early. So I invested my chips always with the best of it. And I wasn't All-IN before the flop once, but the final hand:
HU I had a nice 2:1 chip advantage and the first or second hand finished the whole SnG. I had AQ and needed to improve against 88. But the board gave me a wheel. I played about an hour and made a profit of +$78.

After that I played a very short session NL$50 and I lost -$3.

Maybe I will play some more Sng's in the future but I don't know yet.

Blog #2; NL$50 is tougher than thought...

The sad thing about session#3 isn't that I lost. It's that I lost because of stupid play. I overplayed 1-pair hands so brutal, I made such stupid "Hero-calls" and last but not least I had the hand way too often.

All in all session#3 was a loser of: -$56.05 in 1h 36min.


Tonight I want to play some $20 SnG's on Everest.
I hadn't played tourneys for so long, I'm really looking forward to do it again.

Freitag, 21. September 2007

Blog-Entry #1; Finally @ NL$50

Hi folks, this is my brand new poker blog. I want to post my results and maybe some interesting hands I played.
As the title says for itself, I finally reached NL$50 (6-max) on Everest Poker.
The boring months playing NL$25 have now come to an end.
My results on NL$50 so far (
Session 1: 2h 48min. --> +$59.68
Session 2: 2h 54min. --> +$51.43

These sessions were of course great:
My Aces and Kings hold up, I sucked out frequently at the others and I didn' get bad-beated.
So of course these great starting results aren't 100% pure. But at least they give me some room to maneuver before the bad times may start (but hopefully won't).

I'm really looking forward for my next session. NL$50 is so much more fun AND I think the players on average are worse than on NL$25.
I think on the lower limits, there are more new players who try to build a bankroll by playing solid and tight poker. The higher you get, the more the players like to gamble or like to take a shot. At least this is, what I have noticed throughout my first short session.